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Modular Homes

They're not what you think - they're eveything you can imagine. Bring in your ideas, or customize one of our plans. Find out why modular is the new, better alternative.


The home pictured above is a Mod-U-Kraf home located in Folly Beach, SC.


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The Modular Advantage

The Modular Advantage: Imagine lower prices per square footage, stronger construction, hundreds of finish options, and faster building time. These are the advantages of a modular home. Haynes Construction is proud to be the only South Carolina representative for Mod-U-Kraf, and also a representative for South Carolina-based Haven Homes.

Not to be confused with a mobile home, modular homes are stationary, offer exceptional strength and quality, and can be custom built to suit your family’s needs. Because they are built to stronger and stricter standards than site built homes, modular homes are financed the same as traditional homes.

You may choose from hundreds of available plans, we can work with you to design something unique, or you can bring in your own plans. The possibilities are endless. With options like hardwood floors, brick surfaces, and granite countertops, your modular home can reflect your personal style down to every detail. And because they start at just $70 per square foot, modular homes make economical sense.

How does it work? After you have chosen and recieved state approval for your home plan, Haynes Construction prepares the site for your new home while construction of the house is underway in a factory-controlled environment. What does this mean? No weather delays, and zero "no shows" from subcontractors.

Once your house is ready for transportation, putting it together as a single piece can take as little as one day. After this, Haynes Construction will complete the interior and exterior work required to make your home ready to move in. Call us at 803.240.7232 or e-mail us for more information or to see samples of available finishes.

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Visit Mod-U-Kraf's Website

What started in 1971 as a vision, has led Mod-U-Kraf to become one of the leading manufacturers of systems built single-family homes and special projects. Mod-U-Kraf homes are as diverse as their homeowners-from large, luxurious homes, to smaller affordable homes. Mod-U-Kraf offers more than 70 standard plans that are adaptable to structural and optional changes. Additionally, around 30% of their homes are custom designed.

Visit Haven Homes' Website

Every Haven Home is built in a controlled manufacturing environment using only top quality brand name building materials. All homes are built to comply with all applicable building and energy codes. Haven's modular homes are built to a higher standard than stick built homes and are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation to the home site. Most important, Haven Homes' employees are experienced craftsmen and most have been with the company over 20 years.

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